• 121 Fitness Center (map)
  • 2130 Adelbert Road
  • Cleveland, OH, 44106
  • United States

I love group cycling! The bikes at 121 Fitness Center are the best in that they have 4 adjustments to fit your body and a monitor to keep you accountable with how fast (rpms) and how intense (gear) you are going. And the thing is, this is your time! You do what you need to do. If you need to change the gear from what I suggest then do it! I am simply your guide on a bike motivating you to feel good and live your inspired life!

This class is 45 minutes long. Open to all levels. Bike shorts are recommended but not necessary.

Arrive early to set up your bike, particularly if it is your first class. Bring water and a hand towel. You will sweat!