• 41 North Kayak Adventures (map)
  • Scenic Park Loop Trail
  • Lakewood, OH, 44107
  • United States

One Drop Cascade Co-creator, Deanna Black will offer an amazing 30+ Hour Intensive centered around Blue Mind, Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard. She is combining her 32 years of group and individual fitness training and 26 years teaching yoga, with her love of water. It was during her yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea in 2006 that included surf lessons to learn literally how to "go with the flow." Since then she attends Vista Guapa Surf Camp each year and 8 years ago was introduced to Stand Up Paddling. Creating her own SUP Yoga class only seemed natural. And now meeting key people, combining knowledge from the World Paddle Association (WPA), American Canoe Association (ACA), PaddleFit, ocean lifeguards, professional SUP and surf athletes, let alone marine biologists, neuroscientists, and psychologists, Deanna is thrilled to teach this innovative SUP Yoga Certification.

This event will be hosted with 41 North Kayak Adventures in Lakewood, July 6-9, 2017. This 30+ hour program is all inclusive benefiting yoga teachers, fitness trainers, therapists, general educators, coaches, corporate wellness program leads, stress management facilitators and environmental advocates. 

Four days of learning, practicing, playing and embodying One Drop Cascade living. This training invites you to explore your true nature, reveal your strengths, and emerge into integrated wisdom inspired to live authentically and carry the cascade of change into every facet of your life.


  • Confident on a stand up paddle board
  • Know how to swim
  • CPR certification
  • For those who want the certificate to teach: degree/certification/license in teaching, sports, yoga, fitness training, therapy, medical, coaching, as well as those in leadership/trainer positions.

Investment Options

  1. BYOB Personal Experience $695 for the person who wants to take this in all for them self, no intention of teaching others and has their own board and equipment
  2. Rent a SUP Board Experience $795 for the person who needs to borrow a board and equipment and wants to do this for him/herself, no intention of teaching.
  3. BYOB ODC SUP Yoga Certification $895 for the person who wants to learn for them self, teach this to others and has their own board and equipment.
  4. Rent a SUP Board, ODC SUP Yoga Certification $995 for the person who needs to borrow a board and equipment, wants to learn this for them self and teach others.

email me for payment options deanna@bucketlistcatalyst.com

What you will learn +plus more!

  • Knowledge of SUP equipment,
  • Safety, Rescues, Laws and Regulations
  • Weather and Water Patterns
  • Basic Paddling Skills
  • Yoga application on and off shore
  • Anchoring Systems
  • One Drop Cascade signature class formats
  • BlueMind Science
  • Nature Connections

"one breath - one moment - one drop at a time the pool of possibility fills until the power of ONE becomes a cascade of change." ~Lori Palmer, co-creator ODC