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  • 16511 Hilliard Road
  • Lakewood, OH, 44107
  • United States

Its that time of year! Ready to come out of hibernation, out of the winter heaviness, maybe even detox from the comfort foods we have indulged in a bit too much. Offering you this time to both clean out your closet and clean out your mind, body and soul! Clear out and make room for that springtime feeling of being light and lifted!

Short n Sweet:

  • Register in advance for either a 4 week, 10 or 3 day clean eating inspiration.
  • Clean out your closet and bring things you want to get rid of to She Collective.
  • Participate in a yoga practice and session to clean out your body with movement and nutrition and mental clarity
  • Browse amongst what other brought and take what you wish.
  • Leave feeling spacious and refreshed
  • Anything left will go to donation

Here’s the details:

We all need space to move. We all need space to think. Our cups have been running over with so much. So much stuff, to-do lists, activities, layers upon layers of mental and physical overload; it's no wonder we can’t even get a full breath in! May is the perfect time to get rid of the extra layers and minimalize plus embrace the joy of both giving and receiving.

Clean out your closet and dresser drawers and throw in a bag anything you are ready to be rid of. Bring it to She Collective and we will set up shop.

A spring cleaning yoga practice will be designed just for you! You've already started with your closet, now time to clean up your mind, body and soul. All levels are welcome. It will consist of both movement and relaxation. Afterwards then its time to shop! Keeping in mind you are in spring cleaning mode, however it is also a nice time to have a new outfit, new shirt or shoes. Some say only take the same number of items or less of what you brought.

Anything that is left will be donated to Good Soil Lutheran Ministry's Clothing Closet, a space where folks and families in need can go to fill in the gaps in their own closets.

Investment: $35 includes yoga practice and clean eating inspiration.