March 22- April 6, 2015

There are moments in your life when it is a no brainer...Yes! The answer is Yes! How can I help? Tell me what to do.

This is how I feel about 88 Bikes. Founder, Dan Austin has beautifully coined the phrase 'joy-based philanthropy.' Not only does 88 Bikes help others but it creates a "Moment of Happy" as a bike is both fun and functional. 

I was thrilled to volunteer and endow bikes to girls in India who have either been rescued from human trafficking or at risk. The smiles, the hugs, the laughter was priceless.  Now they can get to school to receive and education, they can get to work, they can get to a police officer quick enough to notify them of another girl who needs rescued. Powerful stuff. 

My favorite quote came from Urmi Basu the executive director of New Light Kolkata, "I want you to be in the seat of your own life, looking forward with both hands on the handle bars."