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  • 24350 Center Ridge Road
  • Westlake, OH, 44145
  • United States

A series for
· the brand new yogi/yogini (that’s you walking into the studio for the first time!)
· someone who wants to learn more or not sure if you are “doing it right”
· the person returning after life got in the way, whether just time off or maybe coming back after an injury

This series is designed to introduce and help you get the most out of a yoga practice. We want you to feel not only comfortable but confident walking into a yoga class. You will learn basic etiquette like why you take your shoes off when you come through the door. As well as helpful hints like clothes fitting too tight can be annoying yet too baggy can get in the way. No need to have to go out and buy a new wardrobe, we are sure you have something comfy that makes you feel comfy and you aren’t tugging or shifting throughout class.

Here are other things you will learn:

· Mats and Stuff: What to bring. What we will provide. Should you buy? Should you borrow?
· Poses/Postures/Asana: What are these body positions and names you’ve been hearing about and how to fit them to your body.
· Mental Stuff: How all this will reduce stress, prevent disease and keep you focused.
· Physical Stuff: How your existing strength, balance and flexibility is simply a starting point. Let us know your concerns or goals and we will guide you.
· Philosophy: Don’t worry we won’t get too deep but you may have more ah-ha moments than you expected. This stuff won’t conflict with your religion and actually works in other aspects of your life!
· Breathwork: Who knew various types of breathing can be so helpful? Plus you can amaze your doctor by calming your heart rate!
· Workout or Relax: You can get both from yoga!
· Meditation: You really think you can get me to sit still let alone get my brain to be quiet? Yeppers! Show up thinking it’s at least possible and lets find out!

Investment: $75 for 4 classes
$20 drop in per class

High School and Full time college students only $10 per class!

Monday Nights 6:15-7:15 PM
April 22 (Earth Day!)
April 29
May 6
May 13

Register at
(440) 471-4749