• Chocolate Bar (map)
  • 347 Euclid Avenue
  • Cleveland, OH, 44114
  • United States

We realize it’s not just about “doing” yoga, it’s about living it. And with all the definitions yoga has, it really is about a connection. I invite you to a small group setting and put this philosophy into practice.

You got it…

Yoga in a bar. The Chocolate Bar, no less.

Bring your yoga mat, don’t worry about getting all dressed up and join me at the Chocolate Bar for an open level yoga class held in their private room. Space is limited to 12 people which means you get the attention and can ask the questions you may have been wondering, “Am I doing this right?” Or maybe this will be your first time, which will be a perfect place to start, no mirrors, no judgement in a relaxed atmosphere. And this may be the yoga class you connect with everyone and learn each others names.

Afterwards you will be treated to a beverage sponsored by Ketel One. Just last May they debuted Botanical, a low-proof spirit that is distilled in the same way gin is, but is actually a new kind of vodka. This means lower calories, no carbs and a lower-proof than other distilled rivals, making Ketel One Botanical a hit for the health conscious.

To be a “good yoga student”, doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself, give up all worldly possessions, be vegan and practice poses on a mat in an incense filled room with sanskrit and Hindu deity artwork. It means you completely respect those who choose that, and you make your choices based on what matters to you. Enjoy an adult beverage. Savor a piece of chocolate. The problems arise when we overindulge.

So grab your friends or show up and make new friends. We will have a yoga practice from 6-7 pm then afterwards indulge guilt free with an adult beverage. And if anyone wants to join me, I’m going to order dinner AND dessert (we can split the bill or order on your own!)

Cost $18 for a 60 minute yoga class and one Ketel One Botanical drink

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