My teacher, Shiva Rea, introduced me to surfing during one of her Prana Flow yoga teacher trainings. She was talking about the correlation between yoga and surfing and the concept “go with the flow.” This week retreat of yoga, surfing and stand up paddling is a exploration within the adventures of your life.  You arrive with this  idea of a week vacation of yoga and surfing, then leave with often an unexpected realization of empowerment.

Prana is the life force, the energy, and tied with it, the vibe is the essence of our being. Ideally we want this energy to flow fluidly so we move with ease and lightness. Even when we are still, we are peaceful and relaxed.

Yoga means to yoke, to join, to connect. Whether in your practice you simply connect your mind with your body, your breath with your movement or at a deeper sense connect with God, the Divine, whatever higher power you believe, this connection brings an awareness to your life.

So we practice on the yoga mat and notice how we react and respond.  Become an observer to all the different and some times crazy positions we get ourselves into and how we get out of them.  We notice our breath and if it remains calm or if it becomes erratic. What it takes to flow from one position to another. What it feels like to be upside down, right side up and all twisted and bound.

And we practice on the board. Paddling out into the waves, a roll or duck dive to get through the wave and how we feel when we often get pushed back towards shore. The feeling of finally getting out there only then to wait, to catch that perfect wave and ride in.  And just when you think you have that perfect wave, sometimes the mind and or the ego slips. The next thing you know, you lost your focus and are being tossed around in the washing machine. Here is the time to practice “go with the flow” because if you fight the wave and panic, all your energy will be consumed. Let go and roll with the wave.

Vista Guapa Surf Camp is a wonderful place to learn this concept. David and his surf team are experienced and have a yogic connection the ocean. They pair that with getting to know each guest and selecting the individual wave just for you. As a beginner, it is encouraging having them right next to you coaching with calm yet energized instruction. You feel safe knowing they are looking out for you and build your confidence with “you can do it!” techniques. You may realize instead of surfing, you prefer stand up paddling (SUP), in which the same “go with the flow” moments occur.

Depending on the tide, we start our day surfing and or SUP, then come back to a delicious made to order breakfast. Afterwards, you have time to relax by the pool, read from your hammock, shop in town or keep active with hiking or mountain biking. Later in the afternoon we meet on the yoga deck for class. Each day will be a different theme based on what you’ve experienced.  Lori and I are here as teachers, guides, coaches, whatever YOU need. This is your time. Your individual needs will be addressed as you may feel energized to flow through a powerful class or you may need to recover and rest with a restorative class. Each class will end with relaxation and meditation for complete, mind, body and spirit connection.

This Yoga & Surfing retreat, May 20-27,2017, is open to everyone who knows how to swim and ready to live his or her inspired life. No yoga experience and no surfing experience are necessary. This week can be used for one needing to escape and clear their head from life at home, for one needing a new fitness training routine, for one in transition or for one simply wanting the experience. You get what you need from it. And often it is more than what you expect. Come without expectations,  go with the flow, and leave not only with talk about memories but what most often is a life changing experience.  Pura Vida! The pure life! It’s all good!