Dear Mother Nature,

I get it. It’s a lot. Really a lot! So much happening and so much going on.

I mean, let’s talk about Wednesday. You had calmed Lake Erie with gray skies and sprinkles first thing in the morning. THEN blue skies and sun, THEN back to clouds AND rain plus the wind picking up all before noon! The sun peaked out again and THEN snow! Yes, the soft little flurries were pretty, particularly from sitting inside but apparently you thought you needed to do more AND created white out moments.  AND then more wind! That wind! I thought the hood was going to be lifted off when I was driving over the shoreway bridge. Lake Erie had gone wild! So wild I don’t even think the surfers were riding those waves! The photos captured of the waves hitting the lighthouse and old coast guard stations were spectacular! AND it was garbage day so the cans, let alone the trash was being blown all over the place. AND you finished the day showing your bright sun shiny self until clouds rolled in again continuing similar stories for the next couple days. We now call this weather forecast "100% chance of Cleveland!"

Every day since, you have been doing A LOT! It is overwhelming! So many of us are overwhelmed.  I guess we can take a lesson from you  and when we have a huge list of to-do’s, stop and ask what do we need to do right now? Rain? Ok, clouds roll in and rain. Snow? Ok, chill come in and snow. One thing at a time. Be in the moment. Be present. Right here and right now. 

This morning I see blue skies and sun shine yet according to the weather ap, flurries are in the forecast as it is definitely cold enough to do so. You do remember this is April?  Woman to woman, I have huge respect for you. I honor you. And I wanted to let you know you don’t have to act like you always have it together, which I think Wednesday demonstrated that! 

Acting like we ALWAYS have it together really is a disservice to others. Maria Shriver said something to the tone of that when talking about women's roles in society.

Some will say you are hormonal but I think you are wanting us to wake up! To realize how quickly things change! To get fired up and take action! To fix and heal our souls which have become either so delicate or so hardened we are stuck. 

Mother Nature, I hope you pause and retreat this weekend.  You don’t have to do so much. 

And for those of you who are feeling overwhelmed trying to do it all. Take a moment. Take a deep breath in. Exhale and let it out. What do you need to do right now? Write it down so you clearly see it on paper. Then step by step knock it out. You've got this!